How to bulk import products into Zencart 1.5

bulk import products into Zencart 1.5
bulk import products into Zencart 1.5

If you want to import products in bulk into Zen cart then follow the steps below

  1. Download EasyPopulate 4.0 (EP4) module for Zencart by going to
  2. Change the name of the admin directory to match your Zen Cart Installation.
  3. Using Filezilla (ftp), upload all the files in admin directory to your site maintaining the directory structure.
  4. Upload the additional file in zencart 1.5 extra files folder.
  5. Create a folder ‘temp’ in the root of your zencart store. You may edit the uploads folder by going to Configuration -> Easy Populate 4
  6. Add 2-3 categories and products manually.
  7. Then go to Tools >Easy Populate 4
  8. Click on Complete Products (with Metatags) to export the csv. This will save the csv to the uploads directory (temp folder)
  9. Download this csv file and open it with Open Office Calc or Microsoft Excel.
  10. Populate this csv file with your products data.


    • v_products_model has to be unique, any record with blank v_products_model will be skipped
    • Upload all your images in your zencart images folder and add the name of the image with extension to v_products_image column in the csv.
  11. When your csv is ready, go to Tools > Easy Populate 4 and Upload EP File (Choose File and then click Import File)
  12. When the file is imported, click “Import” against that file and your products will be imported into your zencart store.
  13. After the import is complete, you can have a look at Import Results for the no of records inserted and updated
  14. For more details visit Easy Populate 4 Support Thread.