We stand by the products we launch.

Don’t worry about the Support & Maintenance, We have you Covered with Free Support & Maintenance for 2 Years.


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We Stand by the Services, Solutions, or Products We Deliver.

You need not worry about Support & Maintenance; We have you covered with Free Support & Maintenance for 2 Years. After your website launches, you will need support – answering questions, checking security, enhancing your website. Sometimes, after the delivery of the website, the website owners find it challenging to maintain their site and may inadvertently introduce bugs. In such cases, we will provide you with free support. If necessary, we are happy to train you or support your team in managing your website completely.

We have a vested interest in seeing you and your products succeed. This not only brings you success, but it also sustains us into the future. After the delivery of the work, we’ll assist with everything from maintaining design and functionality to fixing bugs. We would love to stay engaged after the initial product launch and work with you to make your website, application, or software a success.

All our website maintenance and support contracts are undertaken with a serious commitment. After all, the price we offer is the price you will pay. We respond promptly to all your inquiries, and your website will be monitored 24/7 to ensure it stays live. At JSM Web Solutions, we aim to turn your mission into reality.

It’s not only about what we can do, but it’s also about how we do it. We provide all our website maintenance services with integrity, honesty, and no hidden costs. On many occasions, website owners, companies, and even development and design agencies have turned to us at JSM Web Solutions because they felt trapped with their service providers. Whether it’s free support or paid support packages, we offer complete support with a genuine commitment to long-term maintenance, consultation, and service. We take pride in seeing your sites run smoothly and deliver the results you desire.