How To Convert Youtube Video To Mp3 – JSM

How To Convert Youtube Video To Mp3  – JSM

While we are navigating on the web, we usually find thigs that we like: could be images, videos, music, videogames, apps, any kind of stuff. Internet is so big! And it’s also the space to express ourselves, to communicate with others, to learn whatever we want or just to entertain us.

Everyday thousands of millions people all around the world use Youtube, the biggest platform of multimedia content on internet and I’m sure you are one of them, because everybody have ever watched a video in this webpage; sometimes we discovered a song that we like a lot, but we don’t find it anywhere else or we finally found a podcast that explains exactly the topic we need to expose, or just we need to use a specific audio that we found in a video, but in a place that we can’t be online.

Oh! That’s a problem, right? How can I download this audio to my computer from a Youtube video? It is possible? Yes, it is, that’s why now we going to explain you how to do it.

  1. At first, you have to open your favorite browser; it could be Google.
  2. You will search in the browser “online video converter”, it will give you many results but you can choose the first one:
  3. At the homepage it will appear three options: “convert a video link/URL”, “convert a video or audio file” or “download a browser extension”, choose the first one (“convert a video or audio file”) and click it.
  4. It will direct you an another page with a blank space where you’ll paste the link of the Youtube video you want to convert. Be sure that the format of the audio it’s mp3.
  5. Click in the start bottom and wait the loading.
  6. When the loading is over, will be appear a little image of your youtube video on the left and in the other side (on the right) two bottoms: “download” and “convert again”; click “download” and the audio is going to start downloading.
  7. To be sure everything’s fine, look for your tune in the downloads carpet. If your audio appears and sounds good, it’s ready to use!


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