Why you need your Website Redesign ?

Website Redesign
Website Redesign


Do me a favor and try to remember the last time you updated your website.

OMG, has it really been that long?! How is it still functioning?

Haha, we jest (kinda). But seriously, though: what’s been stopping you? Maybe you’re concerned about the cost. Maybe you think your website’s doing just fine, thank you very much.

We believe that knowledge is power, so we’re about to drop some learning on you and list the top 10 benefits of a website redesign. What can it do for you? More than you think….

Benefit #1: More Trust From Search Engines

Caused by: A blog that is consistently updated with valuable content.

Why this helps: Within the last few years, Google’s algorithms have been updated to focus more on content: how good it is, how often it’s added to your site, and how often people share it. Which means that redesigning your website to include a great blog will give you more “Google clout” and help you get ranked higher.

Benefit #2: More Trust From Customers

Caused by: An updated design that brings your website into the current age.

Why this helps: Just as fashion trends go in and out of style, website design does too. And that outdated site that you’ve had since 2001 is the internet equivalent of a mullet. A “website makeover” is like putting on a suit and getting a snappy haircut. Your customers will take you more seriously, your website will accurately represent your business, and you’ll look like a baller.

Benefit #3: Greater Exposure

mobile phoneCaused by: Switching to a responsive site.

Why this helps: With mobile web use now strongly outweighing PC use, it’s more important than ever to have a responsive website for your business. Responsive websites allow for your site to be automatically resized to fit screens of any size, no matter what device it’s being viewed on: laptop, desktop monitor, smart phone, or tablet. By making it easy and convenient to browse your site, you’ll be sure to hook customers while you’ve got them (the last thing you want is them clicking away because your site doesn’t work on their iPhone screen).

Benefit #4: More Clicks

Caused by: An awesome pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and fully optimized content.

Why this helps: Content is definitely worth mentioning again, because it does so much to improve your SEO score (i.e. how highly your page ranks on a site like Google). And better SEO means more exposure and more exposure means more clicks. A PPC campaign helps bring your exposure up to the next level.

Simply put, PPCs are like web-based ad campaigns that focus on a selected keyword. You elect to pay a certain amount (between .50-$1) for every time someone clicks on your ad and Google (or whatever platform you’re using) will show that ad to web browsers that it determines are interested (based on their search history). This is way better than the Yellow Pages, because it focuses on a demographic that’s already searching for what you’re offering.

Benefit #5: Improved User Experience

Caused by: A redesigned, re-arranged, simplified website.

Why this helps: Designing your website for improved artistic quality is one thing (that was benefit #2), but all that design is worthless if your website isn’t usable. That’s where User Experience (UX) comes in. As much as you want search engines to be impressed by your page, your customers are human, and humans get frustrated by difficult processes.

A website redesign can improve your UX by removing all the confusing visual clutter. By showing people exactly where to click, how to order, and how to contact you, you’re removing any obstacles that might drive them to one of your competitors.

Benefit #6: Increased Social Sharing

Caused by: Shareable content with social sharing buttons.

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