What role does organization culture play in an organization – jsm

What role does organization culture play in an organization – jsm

What role does organization culture play in an organization

Organization culture plays an important role in the workings of an organization. It’s the driving force which enables the smooth running of any organization. Every organization has its typical culture thus distinguishing it from every other organization. It defines the boundary of an organization. It is the most important factor which conveys a sense of belongingness or identity to the members of an organization.

An organization culture generates commitment of an employee towards his organization and thus enabling him/her in achieving his/her goals. An organization culture gives stability within the social system. It guides the employees as to how to behave and what to behave at different situations.

As we know that every coin has two faces likewise organization culture on one hand is beneficial for an organization but on the other hand it has some demerits. It acts as a barrier for change, diversity and mergers.

The next question arises as to how to carry on organization culture? The answer to this lies in two simple things:

  • Selection of the employees who fit in the organization.
  • The founder of the organization should try to become the role model for the members of the organization.

Now, the next step is as to what should be the selection criteria and how to frame the organization in order to set an organization culture. This includes:

  • Selection: to find out as to who fits in an organization. This can be done by taking interviews etc.
  • Top management behavior
  • Socialization process: there should be a proper schedule for orientation program, development programs etc. This socialization state should be in three stages:
  1. Pre arrival stage: before the arrival of employee in the organization.
  2. Encounter stage: finding out the problem.
  3. Metamorphosis stage: Going through the stage. In this condition we have to work out the problem and hence change has to be brought in the behavior of the employee.

Thus by following these steps, the organization culture can be set up easily in the organization.


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