Why my website is not getting traffic how to promote your blog – jsm

Why my website is not getting traffic how to promote your blog – jsm

How to promote your blog Often, people set up their blogs hoping to attract a wide range of viewers but they are not able to get traffic on website and think why i am getting less traffic, ways to increse traffic,how to increse traffic on a website or main issues for less traffic on website  . Most beginners at blogging read extensively on how to create content for their blog and some even go out of their way to see how they could increase traffic to their blog. So, before we state the actual reasons why your blog might not be getting the traffic why traffic is not comming on my website you must know how to increse traffic on my blog, you may have to put several things into consideration first so that website can get traffic or How to promote your blog:

How to promote your blog you must know these things

  1. Your blog is addressed to human beings, not robots or animals. Human beings get bored.

  2. Your blog is not an encyclopaedia.

  3. Search engines are not your business associates.

  4. You cannot please everybody all at once.

And with those in mind, let us get down to listing the actual reasons that might be the cause of why less traffic to your blog and how you can improve the traffic on your blog.

Your content is not interesting

And yeah, that the catch most of the time. How to promote your blog Let’s assume that your blog is about cooking. If your blog is about cooking, have you taken just two minutes of your life to Google and find out how many other blogs about cooking that exist? Thousands, if not millions. All with their kind of marvellous content, owned by different bloggers. So, with this kind of competition in mind, have you stopped to ask yourself why people would choose to use your blog over the other blogs? Why should they get addicted to your blog and not those others? And this takes us to the root of the matter: if you are not getting enough traffic to your blog, then it’s very probable that your content is just not interesting.

Being interesting is not exactly about cracking jokes out of the blue. In fact, cracking jokes out of the blue might be one of the reasons why your blog content may not be interesting Find out how to write a web Blog

.Being interesting is the ability to capture the readers’ attention wholly without reservation. Something that would engage the user completely that they would actually prefer your blog over reality at the moment.

Monotony is just one of the killer things in keeping users interested in your blog. For example, if you keep using the same phrases in your articles, the users will most likely get bored by this repetition. Not that you should be absolutely unique in each and every article, but I don’t find it interesting when you crack the same joke over and over again, however funny the joke might be.

So, now that you may know the problem, how do you get interesting? How do you keep your users hyper on your blog? Here’s how:

Do not concentrate on having the user Share your content

Well, sharing is actually one of the great ways of spreading the word about your blog social media helps to grow traffic or business you can also read this  How social media help to grow your business online

. But, notice that the user did not visit your blog in order to market it. The user visited the blog in order to get some kind of information that your blog provides. So, in order to keep it interesting, do not place those floating “Share” buttons. Do not obstruct the user. Focus on delivering the good content to the user first, then the user can decide whether it’s worth sharing with others.

What you can do about sharing is actually simple and comes in two variations. Option 1: you can place the “Share” buttons at the top and at the bottom of the article and let them scroll with the content instead of sticking them to the screen. Option 2:Have just one button that the user can click to reveal available sharing options. Place this button where it will not block the user from viewing your content. You can have this button floating or maybe stick it to the header, as long as it does not obstruct the user. Also, rectify other obstructive designs on your blog as some users may have really small screens and colour problems. Focus on successful delivery of content.

Create varied content

And that calls for the point where humans get bored easily with monotony. Avoid monotony at all costs. Always make your articles as unique as possible. Not that you should never mention anything from other articles, but make sure your phrases vary. You can even hire someone else to help you create content if you find yourself creating the same kind of content all the time. Again, do not always create content that is similar to each other. Have some articles with illustrations while others without. Try to post videos as well, just to give your readers a wide range of options to choose from.

Let your blog have a theme

Have that one topic that your blog article will lean towards. Cover that topic intensively in all your articles, while each has a unique way of presenting the idea.

Focus your blog on something

Yes, it attracts a wider range of users when you have more things to talk about in your blog. Actually, it reduces chances of you writing monotonous articles. Having all those topics looks all good at first, until you realize that that’s actually something bad for your blog.It might be one of the reasons why your blog might be getting inadequate traffic.

The reason why your blog content needs to stay focused on something and not too broad is because of two of the main original reasons stated: humans get bored; and that your blog is not an encyclopaedia. Human beings will get bored of monotony as well as too much diversity. For example, if you create a blog about everything, then someone finds an interesting article about cooking, and would like to see the next articles about cooking, but all you see is just articles about computer science and some about travel but few about cooking. Do you think the guy about cooking will come back to the blog some other day?

In other words, you have to have that one thing that your blog focuses on. Have that one topic then analyse it very intensively. This is the only thing that will get your blog on top. Because each of the categories you can write about already have other bloggers, so a general blog stands no chance of getting on top of the blogs that have specified in that field.

For example, if one blog has all its articles dedicated to cooking, while there’s some general blog that has 8 articles about cooking; which of the two blogs stands a higher chance of getting ranked higher?

From the search engines, to alexar ranking to the individual users, I am almost too certain that votes for the general blog would be lower in the field of cooking. It’s obviously so because the general blog lacks sufficient information about cooking, whereas the blog that specified on the cooking topic covers cooking more, which makes it have more keywords and more content to cover the topic.

This calls for rethinking. What is your blog about? About nothing? About everything? Or about something specific? If your blog is not about something specific, then maybe that’s why you do not get enough traffic to your blog.

Your blog might not be SEO optimised

How to promote your blog And that’s the simple fact. These days, entering domain name is considered a little technical for most people. No one goes entering www.some-very-creepy-unknown-domain.com/some-date/some-obscure-article/or such boring stuff. People such go to Google and search “some information I want” and get to choose from wherever that info is found. So, technicalities as you may know are not the best things in life. People would always go for the simple part of life. So, under no circumstance would the normal user always go entering the long senseless URL all the time.  The user would normally enter something like “How to do something” and Google generates the results and the user just clicks on the link that will redirect the user to the long URL.

And the solution? You need to do your SEO optimisation right. And by doing it right, I mean doing it as per how the experts do it. And most probably, you’re not the expert I’m talking about. You need to do your SEO, and not just doing it, but actually doing it the right way.

This is where I actually call to recommend an expert for all this kind of work. There are web organisations dedicated to this kind of stuff. My all-time favourite is Attracta. Not that they are the best in this field but they do the actual thing that they claim to do.Attracta optimize the so forwarded site for SEO, not just Google but for most other search engines, with one of the most awesome customer support ever. They communicate through emails, giving the necessary offers at reasonably low prices.Attracta may not be the best, but it is quite satisfactory as far as SEO optimisation is concerned.

Your blog has no target audience

How to promote your blog  So you just want to write for everyone? You want to attract everyone on earth with just what your blog has to offer? Well, from the previous points, I think you might have realised that your blog is not everything, and therefore should not contain everything in the world. This is to say, if your blog is not an encyclopaedia, it should not contain stuff for everyone in the whole world.

It is something that most bloggers miss out. They do not think it is important to separate readers into their respective categories. They do not separate their readers into age categories, gender or even classes.

For a blog to have its traffic high and sustained, you need to actually be explicit about who you are addressing in your articles. You can please a lot of people but not everyone all at once. One article cannot be what the whole world is looking forward to please. Just be pleased when you are able to please the little range of users that your article will attract, then you can try another category some other time. That just solves it all. The problem is generalising your article to fit all your audience. I think it is quite just right to do a little of discrimination of readers would do the trick.

How to promote your blog The bottom line

How to promote your blog  Everything about getting and maintaining traffic to your blog is kind of tricky because there is no one way of doing it. You might be doing the thing you should be doing, but in the wrong way, which is why it might not be working for you. You don’t have to follow just any guidelines you find on the internet. You first of all need to dig a little deeper into your means of keeping traffic flowing to your blog.

Avoid boring your audience at all cost, however necessary it might seem. If you happen to bore them, and if it was their first time to your blog, they may end up having quite something in stuck into the back of their memories. And that thing stuck to the back of their memories may not be the best expression they could get of your blog. You therefore need to make each and every of your articles memorable. Make them the best they could be, so that wherever your readers start from, it’s all going to be alright for your blog.

Remember your blog is your vessel of communication with everyone in the world. You cannot risk your chances of placing your best of impression in the readers’ minds at the very first chance you get to impress them.

Use all your abilities to impress your readers, as much as keeping them interested. It would be all you have when someone is discovering you out of the blue. Avoid overflooding your post pages with adverts. And especially if your blog is a new one, you might want to avoid ads altogether as they wouldn’t be earning you any much money, say $10 per month at its best. Keep your design clean without obstructing the reader.


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