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How to make money with a blog earn 100 usd in a day

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Blogging is a thing that has been there since the days when internet came to life. It is a form of activity whose actually name originates from two English words “web” and “log.” In other words, a blog is an online application that logs relevant events and information on a common platform and avails them for users to access and benefit from.

A blog can be maintained by anyone, from an absolute newbie to a professional webmaster, because blogging in itself rarely involves a lot of technical sections of the web development. A blog in its simplest form involves the blogger posting something and then have the blog followers comment on the post, which might even be extended to a full-fledged discussion on the topic.

Many people all over the world blog to keep their fans informed about a certain topic. They do it for the love of sharing their ideas with the world as well as communicating a certain message. Some blogs may be aimed at entertaining their followers. However, blogging is actually very time-consuming. It takes the time you would have used to make a living from your other sources. This is why blogging for money is advised, as it eliminates the need to overwork yourself trying to make up for the time consumed by blogging.

A blog is just some special kind of a website so, almost all ways of making money earn money from a normal website may apply to a blog. However, there are some ways that are more specific to blogs and are way more promising than others. Also notice that no one way is proven to work for all blogs. Some ways may work for one blog and fail to work for others.  It is advised that one employs different ways in their feat to make money earn money from the blog so as to easily find out what works for them how do bloggers make money.

Having successfully introduced how blogging for money earn money works, how does one really earn money from blogging how do bloggers make money ? Here’s are the steps:

Get a good domain name

A domain name is simply your location on the internet such as  A good domain name is one which is:

  • Simple – has only the conventional letters of the alphabet, has no numbers, symbols such as hyphens or other special characters such as emoji.
  • Short – not more than 16 characters.
  • Not confusing – do not create a domain name that is hard to spell, or has a domain name that is similar to it. For example, do not create a domain name such as “”
  • Stick to “.com” domains no matter what. Avoid the “.net” or “.org” or other alternatives. Always stick to “.com” for the very simple reasons that most people are not technical and would rather go with what they commonly use. So, unless your business is country based, stick to “.com.”
Get an affordable and reliable web hosting

Self-hosted blogs are more professional and have a more established brand than the common sub-domain domains such as “” Always get yourself a “” domain name. This not only shows the level of your site being professional but also displays how serious you are with the blog. The level of seriousness is something that is used by people you’d later make money from such as advert hosts among others.

Also, your own custom hosting gives you the ability to customize your blog in countless ways. You can install other custom apps, plugins or the CMS that you choose. For whichever reasons, your own customs hosting is much better than the alternatives in many countless ways.

Install a CMS on your server

A CMS or simply a content management system is an application that helps a blogger in many countless ways. A CMS helps the blogger design their website and add custom features to their blog. It is a good thing for a blogger to install a CMS as it helps him post on the blog very easily and follow up on the post statistics without much hassle. Examples of CMSs that you can install on your blog include WordPress and Concrete5

Design your blog

With your CMS in place, you can easily pick themes for your site. These are themes you can easily modify to fit your brand’s theme colours and give your blog a unique feel. Not that these can’t be done without a CMS but the CMS really makes things easier. It saves you the time it would take to code everything from scratch, which you can use to do other useful stuff for your blog.

Start posting on your blog or website

And that’s just what blogging is all about. Posting. After all, your blog isn’t really a blog without posts. But not just any post makes your blog what every user wants to spend time on your blog. Your posts have to be useful and captivating to the user in order to actually think you can make money from the blog. Only content that the users find irresistible that is able to generate money for you.

 Establish your blog

And that now applies because you have a blog that has very useful content but has little traffic. Notice that you cannot possibly make money from the blog unless you actually have traffic to your blog. You’ll notice the need when it comes to the actual ways of making money from your blog.

Establishing your blog is simply getting your domain name into the users’ heads. Just as they know that Google is a search engine, they should know what your blog is all about and what they can get from your blog. They should be aware of the services that your blog provides and should actually have the thought of your blog in their minds when it comes to that service. Other blogs may provide the same thing your blog provides, but they should always have a reason to choose your blog over those others.

SEO optimisation

And that takes us to a whole new topic. Entering a domain name as you search for certain information has become very uncommon, a lot of people prefer to search for information and choose the most relevant from the search results.

This is the reason why you must optimise your blog for search engines. If your blog does not appear in first few pages of the search results, then it’s very hard from new users to discover your blog from search engines. SEO is a very useful tool in spreading the word about your blog to new users. Even users that never got any adverts on your site anywhere will be able to discover your site and may become regular users if they find your blog content as useful.

Secure your blog

In as much as you are making something good for the people to use, the world is not the most suitable place for the existence of such stuff. You need to keep the bad guys off your blog. You need to update your server security patches as well as keeping up to date with the software that you use on your server.

Some people hack for fun while others will just take you down your blog as it might be posing too much competition to their own blog. This is why you must always make sure your firewall is active. You might consider taking your blog behind Cloudflare and avoiding usage of exploitable functions in your development.

 Start making money from your blog or websiteb ways to earn money blogging

Ways to make money blogging And finally, since your blog is now properly set up, you can start thinking of ways of earning from the blog. It is very useful that you follow the steps prior to this as they will directly influence how much you will be able to make from your blog, as well as how stable your earnings will stay. And so, these are some of the ways that you can use to generate some revenue from your blog. Notice that, as has been stated earlier, there is no one way that will work for every blog, so it’s very useful to try them out all together before deciding on which ones work best for you.

1.      Paid per click ads earn money

Popularly referred to as PPC ads, these are ads where you the blogger is paid every time a user clicks on the ad placed on the page. Such ads will only work in a carefully crafted manner as users do not visit your blog to check out ads. You need to have a way of making the ads seem impressive enough for the users to click on them.

2.      Cost per thousand impression ads earn money

Cost per thousand impression ads or simply CPM ads are the kind that the blogger earns from them each time the ad is served on the page and viewed by users. Clicks are not a part of the ad. So whether or not the users click, you as the blogger will still be paid your due.

3.      Google Adsense for earn money

Maybe you have already heard of the Google Adsene service. Actually Google Adsense does not serve the ads to the blogs itself. Adsense is just middle man between the actual advertisers and those looking forward to making money from their blogs and websites. So all you need is to sign up for a Google Adsense account, then you’ll copy code snippets from your Adsense portal to your website. It’s a sure way of making money, but not the way that will make you become a billionaire.

4.      Sponsored ads for earn money

These are ads that people will directly pay you to advertise their product on your blog. They do not involve a middle man or an advertising organisation. You, as the blogger, should provide a means through which people can create ads, as well as a means in which they can pay you. These ads are served on your blog or site.

5.      Affiliate marketing for earn money

Affiliate marketing is simply selling another company’s product on their behalf. The companies pay a commission on every sale that originate from your link. This can be impressive because commissions sometimes can go very high, so selling just one item can really be profitable. The catch here is having a way of making the products seem worth the try, then providing a link where the users can purchase the product. Some of the companies that would let you sell their products on their behalf are the likes of Amazon.

6.      Product review for earn money

While there are blogs dedicated to this, you can as well try it out. This thing purely depends on your skills. How your review beings out the product. The product owner will only pay as per how good he thinks your review on the product is. This calls from linguistic skills as well as social skills to convincing people that would sell out the product really good.

7.      Sell your own products for earn money

It is very common these days to find blogs selling their own products such as ebooks on their platform to earn money. As long as you can convince the users on the need to purchase the product, this can be a very useful way of adding some income generating revenue source to your blog.

8.      Premium members area

When your blog is getting enough traffic, you can consider creating a restricted area with some kind of special content that is not available to standard users. This area can be as large as possible, but make sure users see the need of paying for it. But in your feat, just be sure not to make it seem like you’re just looking for money. If the area is not special enough, do not ask for your users to pay for it.

9.      earn money from Email marketing

This is simply sending email notifications of your products to users. This can really be useful for reminding users of something they should do, or they promised to do. When you send product links directly to their emails, it becomes easier for the person to purchase your product.

10.  Sell ad space earn money

And this also calls for traffic. When you have enough traffic, you can start dealing directly with ad server without middlemen such as Google. Direct dealing with ad servers earns you more as the commission that the middleman charge would no longer be applicable.

11.  Sell your blog for earn money

And this comes in when you need to make some large sums of money real fast. And when you do that, it becomes your last way of making money from your blog. The cost of your blog depends on the ranking of your blog, traffic and daily income your blog. If your blog is quite something, selling it can make your actually rich.

The bottom line

The blog can be a full-fledged source of earn money   you must to write blog and earn money You just need to find the right means of earn money from the blog and turn it into your full time source of income. You need to be creative with the means provided here as they are just a sample of what you can do to make money. There are many other ways, but these are the main one. Happy blogging and happy earn money from bloging!

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