How to Grow New Website to Over 100,000 Organic Visits per Month – jsm

How to Grow New Website to Over 100,000 Organic Visits per Month – jsm

Almost every day, new websites and domain names are registered. These will always try to make their way to the top of the competitive grounds on optimising a website for search engines. Often, the webmasters of want their websites to be ranked top in their niche. Sometimes you have just no idea where the traffic comes from and you think advertising is the key.

But then, it is no one’s idea of a good thing when you need someone to figure out what you need to do for your own prosperity. It is always the best when you find out that thing that works for you, all by yourself. This is the reason why you are here, to find out what you need to do to be able to make your success certain.

When you are able to figure out the exact thing that you need to do, the only fair thing to do is to do the exact thing that you find out. As you might already know, your website content is best unique. This is why you must strive to create your own content if you wish to get all those uncountable number of organic visits per month, something that looks like a dream come true.

Not to make a lie, there is no guarantee that this is going to happen, but then, chances are, nothing will happen until you take your chances. You need to act towards gearing your website or blog to immeasurable happiness. Thus, to make your website a candidate in the feat of organic traffic, here is where you must start at:

Let Quantity Bother You

When a website starts off afresh, there is always a problem because its content is always not enough for the target audience. If you wish to be useful to your audience then you need to seriously consider what amount of content you have to show. Not just your total content anyway, but the amount of daily or weekly content matters as well.

This is what I mean is, if you are adding new content daily to your website, then you might be on the safe side, but really, if you are the kind that posts, say once or twice a week, then your progress is greatly retarded by your take of quantity.

If I were you, I would set out a schedule would I would use to track and improve the quantity of the quality content hosted on my site and this is to eat that in as much as quantity is the focus here, quality also matters and must be addressed in the quest for building your award winning collection of content onto your site.

Think of the amount of content on your website as an amount of something important, say money. Now it someone would add you a simple question, would you prefer little money or a lot of money? If you answered "a lot" then I think you already know what quantity here stands for and why you must safeguard it.

Infographics will never do you harm – and carry the juice

The juice here refers to the traffic that will be generated by these content to your website.Basically, an infographic is a form of visual design that involves displaying information on a graphical object, say an image, to display information in an interactive manner that eliminates the needto do some long reading in order to grasp the idea of a topic. In other words, an infographic is just a simpler way of displaying otherwise hard topics to explain.

Infographics are easier to use that just that kind of textual content that takes so long to compose as well as to read. This is why you need to consider the need for venturing into this field as a new website or blog webmaster. A case study shows that infographics are gaining popularity among bloggers as well as users and you certainly don't wish to be left out of the new thing. Infographics are likely to double your organic traffic when correctly done. Sounds like something juicy to try out, right?

Craft your headings carefully for both people and search engines

Headings are always the first thing anyone notices on any piece if content. In this case, I would advise you on the preference to take between the search engines and people, but after all, search engines are just bots that try to mimic human beings. This will eventually add up to one thing: a heading that search engines as well as people will like.

This is what it might mean to the normal person. You need to be absolutely simple when picking your headings. A complex one would do you no good as both people and search engines – your targets – will be in no position to comprehend it and would leave that out as absolute garbage that needs to be banned from the web. You do not want this to happen and that is why you need to be sure and simple no what your headings should be.

While you compose your article, it is always paying to have a search engine optimization plugin there to criticise your headings against search engines. You'll also be there to criticise the title that search engines like against the likelihood of it to capture human attention.

Cover trending topics

Sometimes, people just don't want to be part of the news agency which is always talking of the most recent stories. But this is not all there is. People have a tendency to follow what others follow because people are somehow similar, and the fact that it caught other people's attention means that it could also catch many other people's attention and end it up as a viral topic.

Once something is all over the search engines, it raises anyone's chances of of being indexed top in the field of the topic in question. This is why you must check out the latest thing that is trending, you may use a tool like Google Trends to find what the massive Google users want on the internet, then get down to composing something that will no doubt be attractive. Keep your users up to date and they will never disappoint you.

Use conversational tone

If you could be wondering what this conversational tone is, then maybe it's time to get the explanation right. A conversational tone is astyle of writing that puts the author andthe reader in a sort of a "conversation" where the author refers to himself or herself as "I" and refers to the reader as "you."

For some reason, people find this more involving and more interesting than how it feels when writing an essay for some non-living  object. Maybe it may not be too obvious, but I would say that it feels more like it when someone is explaining something to you other than explaining it to the whole world.

Writing in a conversational tone isn't something hard to do. You only need to follow some of these guidelines:

  1. Use words such as "you" and "I" in your writing as this is more engaging that general essay writing.
  2. Ask questions directed to the reader throughout your writing.
  3. Use simple language that everyone can understand. In other words, writing something for a fourth grade and you'll never have people disappointed with their comprehension of your content.
  4. Divide your content into brief, neat and meaningful paragraphs.

Writing in conversational tone is one of the major attractions to comments and comments are something you can bet on will attract the attention of search engines. In order to gain popularity amongst your users, converse with them in your writing and they will surely converse back with you in the comments.

Of course, you may need to have multiple authors on your site, which is okay if you need to develop content and its size in a short period of time, but would hinder the people from developing a personal relationship with you the author, which is such a healthy thing when it comes to developing a loyal audience, which is far more meaningful than having bunches of content with few loya users of your website.

Collect emails through opt-in offers

A common trend on most successful blogs is that "opt-in to our free newsletter" offer that pops up after a great piece of content. Emails may seem outdated to you, but if you didn't know, emails still count the major part of traffic to modern websites. How that happens is just what I'm about to tell you of.

When you ask your users to opt-in to your newsletter after something that people find useful, it is likely that they will just give you your wish and enter their email and happily click on that "Subscribe" button and yay! You both win.

The email collection drives traffic to your website in that you are able to send your subscribers a comprehensive list of new or trending content on your blog that the person may find too juicy to ignore. They would then decide to check out the juiciest of the article and thus click one after another and the end result is traffic, which is what you've been looking for. Notice that even though you have nothing in your email list, it is never too late to start collecting emails for the sake of your site.

Your headlines entail everything

And by "everything", I really mean it. No matter how good your content is, if your headline sucks, then you should asure yourself that no one is ever going to read that. As I always say, when you create your headline, think of it as a six-word ad. Now, if you were to post a six-word advert, what would you put so enticing that would make the advert work?

If you can figure out what that is, then it should be time for you to do the same with all your headlines. Your headlines must make sense and be able to market your content all at once.

Build up your social media profiles

Certainly, you didn't think I would leave this out, did you? It is pretty obvious that social media hold the key to the world of traffic. Genuine traffic. If you are the person who posts all those smashing content, then it's time to make sure all your followers see it. It is time to take it out, right to their doors through social media.

Whenever you post something on your blog or website, make sure you post and repost it on all your social media profiles without making it seem spammy. This will make sure your audience never miss out on some of those goodies that you create.

Partner up with other people

When you join the web, you are certainly not the first to get there. There are people who have been there for the better part of their lives and have adequate traffic to their websites already. Now think if you could partner upwith these people, how much traffic would you get? And the good part of it, you don't get to pay a dollarfor it. Now even half a dollar. For partnerships, you pay absolutely nothing. All you need to do is place your partner's logo at the bottom of your website and that's all. You're bingo, good to get all that traffic from an established name with just nothing paid for it.

If you find it difficult to get yourself partners, it's always great to take the natural route. Build personal relationship with these people who own these blogs through direct link ups, subscribing to their blogs among other things that you can do. When you are able to relate with each other well, its finally time to make the move. Let the person know that you would like to partner up your blog's and that would come easy. A fully functional established backlink that you paid ZERO for it.

One final word

SEO is your ultimate tool to an ever flowing traffic, but when you're new in the field, you'd better get smart and drive traffic in through other doors.