Amazing tips How to Create a Master piece Post that Gets Thousands of Shares


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How to Create a Masterpiece Post that Gets Thousands of Shares

When it comes to blogging, the ultimate goal is to create something that people will find attractive and would be proud to show it to their friends and family. Often, blogs have the famous “Like this Post” button, but a recent more useful trend is the addition of “Share this Post” button that has several social media links that users can use to easily share the post with their friends and family.

In as much as it is your target that they take their time to market you, unfortunately, users are not out there to look for posts to share. The users’ ultimate aim is to find that information that fits them in their aspect and perspective of their search. Sharing among the users is the ultimate show of satisfaction with the information they find on your blog or website.

Thus, as you look forth to having them share your content, you should first be able to answer certain questions positively. Whether your post has what its title states and whether the information is good enough that any other sources wouldn’t be anything but just comparison, not that there is anything the user missed from your post. From my personal experience, the posts that got the highest number of shares share a lot in common. In this post, I’m going to highlight some of the features of such posts that got such impossible-looking numbers of shares.

It is concluded that the key to creating that viral post is simply delivering what the user wants in the best ways possible. That said, let’s now get down to listing the exact thing that you need to do to get your hands dirty creating such a post. Thus, this post is more like “how to create a good post” rather than just targeting it at earning shares. Here are some of the guidelines.

Create a very catchy title


The title of any post is sometimes considered the ultimate key to driving traffic to any page. This may not be so untrue from my own personal experience as well as from the most experience internet marketers. The title is that “low price” that attracts users to your website and keeps them there. There could not be a better way of attracting people to your post than a cleverly crafted creative title, even for a stupid post.

The post title is in real sense a six-word advertisement that you try to catch every fish that happens to pass by. It is your only tool that you have to get you into contact with your users. It is what they read and helps them decide whether or not they should read that post. Your title is what makes the difference between that dumbass dung that those hungry-for-quick-money-from-blog bloggers post, and the actual sense that you want to post.

Make sure your title is something a user finds irresistible. Thus, let me list some guidelines on how to create a title that no one can ignore.

  1. Create a title that is not too long. This is pretty obvious, although not so obvious to some variations of people. Usually, the title is not given enough space to have it all shown. Thus a 102-word title is likely to be known by its first six words. No one would bother to know the rest of the 96 words in the title and it’s not like they do not add meaning to the title itself. As well, it is not only for the sake of having the whole title shown. Longer titles tire people out before reading it to completion, as well as making the meaning harder to decipher. You must be able to attract a user within a limit of six words. Just six words. No more than six, unless there is no way to put the whole message in six words, at which point you should only add no more than four more words. In short, the maximum is ten words. But six words, always. Unless it is impossible to put the title in six or less words, and the cases where this happens are very few.
  2. Use descriptive words in the title. Descriptive words such as “crazy”, “amazing”, “awesome” among others. Use a maximum of 3 such words in the title. This is to say that you should not overly use them as they could make your whole title obsolete. Focus on the relevance of such words, as inappropriate usage could be costly.
  3. Write on sensitive topics. Not that you should always write on politics or religion, but you could as well write on something that will come as a shocker to your users. Something that people would not easily get from anywhere that is common to many of your users. Make sure the title has the aspect of “shock” like “Why you should never eat some food” and that would send some alarm to the reader as he or she might think it’s worth it for his or her health sake.
  4. Give out your message clearly. Do not give room for ambiguity as this will ruin the whole plan to capture the users’ attention. Users may not be so willing to read the title a second time to be able to get what it means. You better not waste that first chance. Grab the users’ attention with no mercy.
  5. Leave the user curious. In as much as your message should be clear, make sure the title does not bear too much that the user is left with nothing to find out from reading the post itself. What I mean is something like “Man meets lion in a forest! This is what he did.” But of course with a reduced word count in the title, such a title bears the whole message and forces the user to read the post in order to find out what happened.

Have Quality in Your Post

content is kind
content is kind

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Once you have captured the attention of your user using the title, show the person that it was actually worth it to read the post. Make sure you deliver the message to the user in full. You can do the delivery in phases if you wish, but let the user have a reason to proceed to the next sentence. Do not deliver your whole message to the user in the first few lines of your post and expect the person to read the next 900 words happily, without getting bored. Why should anyone read any further when they found whatever they wanted already?

Thus, to have your post have the kind of quality that is fit for the user’s composition and fit for sharing too, follow these guidelines.

  1. Have no grammatical errors in your post. It is really hurting to find a great post that carries the message alright, but really impaired by grammatical errors. Grammatical errors are a show of being less professional than expected of a brand that delivers useful content. Make sure each and every of your sentences is read and proof read to be sure you are free of grammatical errors as well as spelling errors.
  2. Let all your sentences bear meaning. Do not place any random ambiguous sentence just to increase your word count. Do not give the user a chance to be bored with the post. Let each and every one of your posts be meaningful and interesting.
  3. Have useful links scattered throughout the post. This is not only good for your users but also for the search engines. Either way, it’s going to lead you to getting users enough to be able to get those dream like number of shares. This would keep the user interested and, who knows, make them plan to read one of the posts linked from within the post.
  4. Deliver the whole message. Do not leave part of it to be read elsewhere, even if it’s just a link to some other part of your website or blog. Have it all delivered there and them.Also the paged delivery of the same thing isn’t such an advisable technique although it gives more space for adverts etc. But are adverts what they go to check out at your site? Prioritize content delivery first.

Have Pictures in your post

Pictures are not only instruments of entertainment, but could act as objects of creating vivid images of the message you’re delivering in the users’ minds.  Pictures aid in understanding of the message more as well as keeping the users more interested in the stuff you are trying to get into their minds. However, pictures, badly used, could be your downfall.

Here are some tips on how to use images appropriately:

  1. Use images for the most useful points. Do not just over use images for anything. It is only pleasing when they are used scarcely and appropriately, for the right points and purposes. Do not make it seem as if you wrote a whole post just for the images. Let it be that the image was made for the post to help people understand.
  2. Use high quality images that will be visible to the user at every pixel.
    How to Write High Quality Content Post that Gets Thousands of Shares
    How to Write High Quality Content Post that Gets Thousands of Shares
  3. Use captions for images. Use distinguishing styles for the caption so that the user is able to easily differentiate a caption from regular text. This will help the user understand the use of the image in the aspect of the post. Focus on images adding extra attraction to the post rather than the post adding attractiveness to the picture.

Prefer Videos to Regular Text

Videos are better indexed than just text posts. This will make it easy for search engines to drive traffic to your posts. And naturally, unless your users come from a place where internet connection is a problem, they should prefer videos since they take a reasonably shorter time and are tend to be easier to understand.

Not that you should just post videos. Mind you, your blog is not YouTube. You have an audience to focus on.

Whenever you post a video, accompany with text, not just to introduce it but also to try to explain what the video contains in the case of those who prefer text over videos for whatever reason. Videos may be ideal for numerous situations, but may not always be satisfactory. This is why you must complement your videos with appropriate text.

And finally…

When you post it on your blog or website, make sure you are the first to share it on social media. Use your personal account as well as the site’s official page. This will spread the news about the new price winning post that has just been created. Post it on all social media platforms present to the blog or website to maximise the number of people who see the post.

Then share the same post again after some time to make sure everyone has seen it.

One last word

I once used such a strategy to create a post. My blog was new then and it had not too many followers, but I made a 300+ shares. That was quite surprising to me because I had not had the privilege of witnessing such success of my own content on my own blog. This came almost as a shocker, but it showed me a working strategy, which is why I’m sharing it with you, to enable you to market your content easily.

To be honest, it is not easy to create a post that goes so viral and get all those thousands of views and as many shares as possible. It will take quite some effort, research on the topic, time to compose the post as well as well as the level of professionalism applied. Once the post is well created, it would also demand effort to get it out of your blog’s or website’s atmosphere to catch up with everyone on the social media.

Otherwise, happy posting!

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