Amazing Easy Tips How To Install Skype – jsm

Amazing Easy Tips How To Install Skype – jsm

Are you searching on internet How do I install Skype ? if yes i will guide you how to install skype

To install Skype on you computer or laptop, forst you need to download the latest version of skype from the Skype website or if you already have it. Do not download Skype from anywhere else.

if you are not able to find from where to download skype just click on this link

When you click on the link you can download the skype file The Skype install file is about 1MB in size. When you going to install or run the install file, the installer will download the Skype application (about 20MB) in the background.

Once the software is download dubble click on it and run the instlation of skype it will take few munits to install once skype is install you can login into skype account using username and password.



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