Direct Marketing Must know about it

Direct Marketing Must know about it

Pantheon Company has its head office in New York, United States of America. It has recently published an e-book known as- “Six Reasons Why WordPress Is Ready for the Enterprise”. When considering open source solutions this guide helps website owners in evaluating WordPress. It covers why the content management system is a great solution for the enterprise. It covers the following 6 reasons backed with stats and experts:

  • Open Source
  • Ecosystem
  • Content Editor
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Future-Proof

These 6 reasons are straight to the point with quite deep and perfect analysis. Download this guide to learn why WordPress is an awesome solution for the enterprise whether one is starting a brand new website or revamping one’s existing site. (, 2016) Through this e-book advertisement it brings readers to this e-book. E-book readers become Pantheon’s  potential customers due to its engaging and insightful writings. The stats and expertise of this e-book make people believe that it has a good capability for web management.

Direct marketing definition:

The way by which company directly contact customers via various media like e-mail marketing, online advertisements, text messaging, social media advertisements etc is known as direct marketing.

Generally marketing product from manufacturers to end-clients reach via wholesalers and retailers but in direct marketing the manufacuters or product developers directly reach out to end-client and showcase their products. This way direct marketing keeps no roles for middle men. Direct marketing can be said to be of two types according to the process applied by the manufacturers to reach their end-clients. These are:

  • Offline method
  • Online method

Offline method direct marketing is generally done by catalogue distributions and fliers. Online direct marketing includes e-mail marketing and online advertisements. Direct marketing is interestingly done by companies of all sizes as this allows them to know their exact number of clients and quantity of profit they can expect from them which general advertisements and marketing seldom do.

By using the concept of digital marketing which we learnt now let us explain why this piece of promotional advertisement is perfect form of marketing:

  • This ad campaign covers the important aspect of direct marketing by reaching to its clients directly. It helps the clients getting access to address and contact information of the company like e-mail address, phone number and fax number.
  • It helps the company in getting a direct response from the clients and future clients regarding its products due to the components incorporated which gives the client to directly review the product. So, we can see the second aspect of the direct marketing is also covered in this ad campaign.
  • We can see that we can get extremely quantifiable through the following aspects:
  1. By looking at the number of impressions on the online advertising banner.
  2. The volume of clicks leading to the product on the website.
  3. The number of clients that showed interest in actually buying the product.
  4. The number of clients who came to see the product and did not show interest in buying.
  • Most importantly this ad has a “Call for action” i.e., “Free e-book” along with “Six Reasons Why Is Ready for the Enterprise”. It is one of the most important aspects of direct marketing.

Taking all these in into consideration we can say online advertising via banner comes under the direct marketing category.

Services being promoted:

The major service that is being directly promoted here is web management through WordPress. After clicking on the advertisement and going to the website one can also know that they manage website via Drupal too and they are majorly in to website management.

Targeted Audience:

  1. Demographics:
  • Age: No age limit
  • Gender: Both male and female
  • Income: $20,000+ per annum (Average and more than average income.)
  1. Geographics: Though Pantheon as total global presence still it is more concentrated in USA, UK, South Korea and Hong Kong catering to more than a million of clients.
  2. Psychographics and lifestyle: The clients connected to the Pantheon are usually tech savvy and knowledgeable persons. They have especially required websites mostly for their business. They are generally more in to IT sectors when it comes to profession or requirement of their business.
  3. Behavioral: The clients are generally more curious and interested in IT sector works especially on website management and development. So, the ad campaigns like e-books targeted to web management along with WordPress and Drupal can help Pantheon reach the targeted audience.

Objective of the tactic:

The general objective of every marketing tactic is to attract clients to the product the company is promoting. As this is direct marketing the tactic usually are more quantifiable and measurable and can go sync with changing behaviors of the clients. It has been designed and planned to get more potential customers to know more about the product. It has a big advantage over e-mail promotion because e-mail promotion is usually more about retaining the existing customer base but online advertising banners are all about getting potential customers who may have not known about the company or the product of the company while also reaching its existing customer base. This ad campaign is related to an e-book called “Six Reasons Why WordPress Is Ready for the Enterprise”. As the name of the e-book suggests it is more to attract the beginners or the ones who do not have an idea regarding this and are looking forward to web management and development partners. The readers who go through this book can get a good faith over the work of this company and may turn in to a client for them. So, one can conclude this tactic is basically to attract the beginners.

Part Two: Analysis

What’s working well for the tactic?

The advertising campaign looks quite attractive for attracting the web management partner searchers especially beginners. We know “The first impression is the last impression”. The ad campaign is well focused on that. The text and image style is quite good and attractive enough to give potential clients a good impression. It can just not only lead potential customers to download the e-book and later come with attractive deal with Pantheon but also it has every chance to lead them to check the website to know more about the company and the other products delivered by the company.

Scope for improvement:

There are a few things which Pantheon could have done better:

  • The e-book could have also added Drupal along with WordPress as it could have broadened its targeted audience.
  • The image could have a more technical picture so that audience could have a better

In doing these impression to click conversion ration could have been better than the present ratio. It could have reached a more targeted audience and could have gained more potential clients.

Does it do an effective job?

It can be believed that online advertising via google AdSense or social media like Facebook is a better way than e-mail marketing. The simple reasons are:

  • It retains existing clients like one can do via e-mail marketing or newsletters.
  • It also gains further new clients to increase the existing business.

So, it can be concluded that if imaging and texting are good enough in the online advertising banner than it can do an effective job by reaching the targeted people.

Part Three: Media Plan

The media plan is necessary for every companies and firm looking at their requirements and targeted audience considering their geographical and demographical reach.

The media plan given below will suit Pantheon perfectly looking at its geographical and demographic reach.


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