Smart Website Best Cms Or Framework For Website

Smart Website Best Cms Or Framework For Website

How to create smart website Everything You Need to Know About CMS Websites and PHP Frameworks

Are you looking to Create a website if yes your website should be smart website, if you donot know how to create website there is large number of website to hire a developer and you can hire any developer online In modern web development while you are thinking to create website your website should be smart website

Smart Website: Things Your Website Need to be a Smart website

Smart Website must be responsive and mobile friendly

Smart Website must be load fast

Smart Website helps to increasing organic traffic

Smart Website know to to protect from hackers

Smart Website are very easy to manage the content

Smart Website are social media friendly which help you to get social shares

Smart Website are seo friendly

Smart Website can also help you to earn money

Smart website Protect from spammers

It is not the importance of showing off one’s coding skills that bears the significance. I mean, people are out there looking for useful content that will benefit them in some way and most of them do not really care to find out what or where the content was originated from. Many believe that hard coding one’s resource is more flexible and suomething that is way more adorable than having some common platform where people create similar resources.

Honestly, I would disapprove this notion. Content delivery is what is important in any website, which is why the creation method be the easiest and most convenient one despite ones fears. People think that common platforms (such as web CMS software) are likely to be attacked more than one’s own custom code. Mind you that these are software created by professionals with the awareness of cyber criminals out there and wouldn’t leave any lousy hole out there for the bad users to exploit. If it is the zero-day faults that one may be afraid of, then you must be aware that even the tightest security systems may have these faults, and your own code would be no exception in this case.

So, back to business, now that we agree usage of CMS website is safe and smart. Basically, a content management system helps you create and maintain data on your website which makes smart website. This comes in handy when one is in need of something consistent and long term. Something that you will not be stuck on something and be on your own. What I mean is, if you use PHP for your site development, which I feel is true, you may need something in between you and the raw PHP language. Not necessarily a CMS because CMSs may not be applicable in all cases.

What Needs to be Achieved

As a webmaster, or just anyone in charge of a website, you would need to implement features on your website. Features that define the standard of your website and what you should actually do. If your website deals with ecommerce, then you wouldn’t miss the best ecommerce features, which means you would get your work done on the best ecommerce platform there is. For your smart website to be competitive, you need to employ the best mechanisms there are.

Briefly, here are some of the best things you would need to employ your website to make your website smart(Smart website).

Neat Delivery of Content for smart website

Thing is by far the most important thing your website could do in order to attain the required standards of competitiveness in the ideal world market. Avoid stuffing those <div>s with too much content that no one would get straight away what you aim to do. Ads are the other thing that distracts your users. Naturally, people do not like ads. Not that they are not relevant as such, but then, people do not visit your website to see ads. In other words, maximize the space that your content takes, presented in a neat way that users are able to make out easily.

Maintain a Consistent Design for smart website

You need to have a consistent design for you to have an audience. That is not debatable really. If it is new design techniques that you need to incorporate, make sure it avoids constantly changing such that users do not know where to find there all time features that they need. This comes in handy in all cases except the case where your site is a design testing site, which I really doubt it is. Keep your design minimal and simple.

Smart website Should Fast Loading Website

Smart website Should Fast Loading Website
Smart website Should Fast Loading Website

In modern and even traditional design, speed has always been the thing human beings adore. Fast loading sites win more audiences than any other sites out there that may claim to be in search of an audience. One thing you need to get yourself indulged into is the way your server responds to requests and not that there is really some magical code out there that will make your server faster.

Slow servers are almost always because of an overload on the server resources caused by hosting of too many sites being hosted on the same server. If you cannot afford a VPS hosting, then maybe you should consider taking your site to a more decent server. Just something to notice, before deciding to host on a server because they seem to have attractive prices, think again. Most of these servers are horribly slow and would have you there pulling out your hair to get things done. Other hosts have their so-called “get in promotional price” where you may pay something less than $5 the whole month… Incredibly cheap until the second month comes demanding $79.

In other words, be careful with your choice of servers. This is not something to debate about if you really think that your site could rank among the best when it comes to user ranking as well as search engine ranking.

Implement a Data Search

People visit your site and could one day come into a situation where they need to find something specific on your website. Maybe it’s something they saw its title or just some part of it. Make sure you implement the kind of search that will take account of each and every aspect of data stored on your website so that it doesn’t come out as quirky or some variation of something that just doesn’t work.

If your website lacks a well-positioned search bar, you may lose a significant amount of traffic that you should be getting to your site. You may even lose your loyal audiences when they just are unable to find the exact thing they were looking for on your website.             

How to Get it Done

As a PHP developer, you may wish to save your time and effort. You may wish to divert your attention to the important parts of your application, instead of getting stuck and pulling your hair at each and everything that you come across. If you wish to maintain consistency over some long term PHP development, then PHP frameworks are the thing for you.

Introducing PHP Frameworks which can help you to create Smart website

Anyone doing PHP programming wouldn’t find a better paradise anywhere else other than the place where they will find the best PHP framework that suits their needs. Listed below are just a few, you can always obtain the full list by performing a quick search on these. Basically, PHP frameworks make it easier to put your application in code and put some sort of an “abstraction layer” that keeps your website consistent across different web hosts, servers and PHP versions. Makes PHP programming amazing, doesn’t it?

1.      Laravel

A PHP framework aimed at easing common tasks such as authentication, routing, session handling and caching. Laravel is the solution for any PHP developer who wishes to perform anything from huge enterprise level applications to simple JSON API. In other words, it would never be an overkill to use Laravel no matter the size of your project you can easily create smart website using Laravel.

2.      CodeIgniter

Just like the above, CodeIgniter dream for the PHP developer help to create your website smart that follows the good old attractiveness of requiring minimal configuration to have it set up with no coding restrictive rules or such other thing that might distract PHP programming. Welcome to the fun of PHP programming, developer.

3.      CakePHP

As the name suggests, this is a yummy one. You will never be disappointed using this PHP framework to develop your website smart or just any sort web application in the order of website to blog that you may dream of creating. CakePHP enables you to build web applications faster using code generation mechanisms to build prototypes for the final build for your application.

4.      Symfony

Such a beautiful PHP framework wouldn’t miss beautiful features. Symfony speeds up the creation and maintenance of web applications and I guess as a PHP developer, you would vote this the best PHP framework hands down.

Aside from the PHP frameworks listed above, there are several other frameworks that couldn’t be listed here to due to space. However, some such as ZendFramework2, Phalcon, Yii, Aura, Fat-Free, PHP MVC, Kohana, FuelPHP, Slim among others are some of the frameworks that I cannot pretend to forget to create smart website.

One thing that all these platforms share is that they make work easier when it comes to creating and maintaining websites. I cannot exactly give you one best PHP framework, it always depends on your exact needs. However, if I were to give you the actual thing that I would use for all my projects(Smart websites), I would go for Laravel and maybe Yii.

Get Used to Content Management Systems for your website

Content Management system in which you can manage the content of the website easily like wordpress and concrete5 A content management system (or a CMS) is a software (mostly a web software – thus the term web CMS) that provides your website with a means of creating, editing as well as generally managing your website content.

A CMS is different from a framework in that, with a CMS, you could completely eliminate the need for coding anything. Anyone who has had some time in the usage of CMSs would attest to it that it is possible to have to complete your website in minutes (from scratch) and get down to creating content for the website for the rest of the time.

In short, a CMS saves precious time to be used on other more important aspects of the website and keeps one fully focused on content delivery. This is why CMS-powered websites make up close to 70% of the whole internet. Okay, that 70% is a cooked piece of statistic, but then, I have a feeling that it is actually lower than the exact numbers.

A CMS is a tool that, when well used, could get you up to the top of your niche by employing SEO techniques that some CMSs provide, as well as taking advantage of plugins that aid in raising a site’s ranking. SEO is definite something you can’t possibly dream of missing out in your to-do list when it comes to website development. These features, among others should give you reason enough to consider using a CMS for your website and blah blah blah.

Knowing how beneficial a CMS can be to your website, it is worth noting that there are more than countable CMSs to choose from. Below is a list of what I would expect your choice to come from. The list is not limited to what is given below though. My first statement in this paragraph summarizes why. And thus, here is what defines a CMS to the common world.


Wordpress is one of the CMS which is helpfull to create smart website
WordPress is one of the CMS which is helpfull to create smart website

Wordpress is one of the CMS which is helpfull to create smart website and mostly used by the large number of people you can hire developer to create website, and if you donot know how to install wordpress theme, How to create wordpress themes, how to install wordpress plugins

Obviously. If you thought this would be ranked last for some queer reason, then maybe you should reason again. WordPress has an impressive collection of themes that would get your site running in seconds. With a feature-packed theme editor, you would then mould your theme to fit the content that you plan to deliver and there you go – happy publishing.

It would be unfair to leave out the endless millions of millions of plugins that do all sorts of little to capital tasks there are. This makes it almost unnecessary to have a prior knowledge of a web programming language such as PHP. WordPress is king – something I can happily call the best CMS portal creation tool available. With WordPress, you can be sure that your CMS website is in good hands. Be it ecommerce, WordPress has WooCommerce – the best ecommerce platform – as one of its most adored plugins.

Lastly, WordPress is a free CMS. The content is yours and WordPress wouldn’t pretend to “own” some or any of it under some unknown “copyright” like some CMS system that people are deserting.

Don’t confuse this “” with the blood-sucking bastard “” that pretends to be a CMS system. That’s something you don’t want to try out.


concrete 5 design and development
concrete 5 design and development

If you want to create Concrete5 website you must need to hire Concrete5 expert, Concrete5 expert designer and developer can guide you how to update content in Concrete5 how to install theme and how to manage Concrete5 website, Sorry to disappoint, but Tumblr doesn’t come yet. Not before Concrete5. Not that Concrete5 has the best collection of themes and plugins next to the best CMS – WordPress – in fact, it has a considerably low number of plugins and themes and plugins in its store compared to almost any other CMS there is.

However, the lack of these things is compensated by some unbelievable professionalism of the default presets. Concrete5 provide every means of equalizing the unnecessary pack of features provided by ridiculously large collections of plugins. The Concrete5 dashboard looks like a Cpanel, something so familiar to webmasters. Aside from the feature that makes every aspect of Concrete5 configurable and editable, Concrete5 has proven to be among the best – although it has so much less users than the king. And of course, this is also a free CMS.

Tumblr, And the Rest

Tumblr, And the Rest
Tumblr, And the Rest

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself to say something about Tumbr alone. Tumblr doesn’t really stand out and might somehow not be termed as a CMS as such. It looks more like a blogging software to me. However, you could try it and see if you get any luck. There are a lot more that can handle CMSing and I do not find it necessary to list them, after all, we already have the best CMS in store, most of which are free CMS systems of course.


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