Things to consider before using credit card for shopping online

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It feels awesome when you are gifted with your first credit card. You feel like as the Loki felt with Ultron in the hand. As it was deceptive that with lots of powerful people sometimes go crazy, and here we are humans who love shopping online nowadays. But a little carelessness can cause your life- little exaggerated, well not life but at-least your hard earned money. 

Therefore, be very attentive while using your credit cards frequently for online shopping and if no matter you do; please do not forget to take care of the few tips coming right after this.

Known is better- use a website that is familiar

It is a well-known fact that you feel safe around the people you know. The same applies here that always shop on known websites, rather than randomly searching on Google and proceeding. The reason, because sometimes site looks pretty real but in actuality it is not. In fact, the best solution here is that buy from an outlet that has an online store. The trust will not be baffled!

If website is secured it is safe https://

If website is secured it is safe https

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While you visit websites, you see two types of links, HTTPS:// and HTTP://. Now one would say, both are just same just one is misspelled with extra yes, HTTPS://. Well, it is neither misspelled nor “S” is an extra. It stands for the security and has an SSL certificate, means encryption is working on the website.

Do not be overfriendly with websites

If the website is asking more than the adequate information needed for the shopping. Then do not ever give it. If anyhow your extra yet personal information would reach in the hand of crooks, then they can bluff you all. Therefore, be precise and be safe!

Never store your card information on a website

Never store your card information on a website
Never store your card information on a website

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Just because to prevent the fuss of forgetting passwords and card numbers, what people do, make blunders of saving card details on the website. They do not know that hackers are always active to grab your information and that your money. Therefore, it is better that you forget thrice and then put the information rather than saving it on portals for hackers to come and enjoy on your money!

Keep secure your PC with antivirus and ad-block applications

Keep secure your PC with antivirus

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The crooks and hackers do wait for somebody to put information and then grab. They sometimes are too smart to make you greedy for something and taking out everything. So, keep your laptop or device is protected and has Antivirus on. You can even include the ad-block facility, and security. This will keep malware away from your device and thus helping you safely purchase whatever you want to purchase from your credit card online.

So here are the tips which you should never forget while using your credit cards online. It is always very quick, handy, and easy order online, but some risks your identity and money, which is also valuable.