Amazing easy tips How you can install new theme in concrete5 cms


Are you looking to install concrete5 responsive theme if yes I will guide you how you can install new theme in concrete5

Its very easily to install concrete5 theme I will guide you step-by-step instruction below

How to install  concrete5 responsive theme or template:

1. First of all you need to theme, So Download concrete5 responsive theme from any website you can also download simple theme as you want but it there are large number of free theme on internet you can download anyone from internet accourding to me concrete5 responsive theme is best as large number of people use mobiles.

2. Once you download the concrete5 responsive theme or buy the theme and you have a zip file of the theme. Extract the zip file of the theme and you find a readme file in the theme folder.

Now you need to upload the theme files in the themes folder on the concrete5 cms

Attention: the ‘themes’ directory is empty by default. The themes folder is used mainly for custom themes   not for default concrete5 pack. The ‘concrere/themes’ directory (this one not empty) with default concrete5 themes. You shouldn’t upload there anything unless you are going to make some changes to default theme.

Tip: In every theme folder there is ‘README.txt’ file in the theme folder Readme.txt file of the theme will guide you how to install the theme

3. You’re almost finished with the theme installation in Concrete5. Now open your dashboard of the concrete5 login into the admin section and go to ‘Themes’

If you do everything fine you will see the newly added theme in the bottom of the page. Which you uploaded  you can also find install button there. Just click on Install button Click on it.

4. Once you click on install button theme is installed, now the next thing is you can choose its design for other pages in website.

You need to set the design for each page unless you activate the theme. To activate it, you should click appropriate button in the ‘Themes’ section of the site dashboard.

To make look professional of your website you need to put content in all pages on concrete5


Just a reminder: When you download the zip file of the theme first read the readme.txt file in the theme it will guide you how to install the theme and make your job easy

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