How To Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drive: JSM

How To Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drive: JSM

How To Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drive: You have been posting video clips to the YouTube web page all this time but you're now planning to discover more programs. Perhaps it is possible to put them on other video hosting sites like Vimeo or your Facebook or Myspace page to get to an even broader viewers. You may bundle the YouTube video clips as an iTunes podcast that people can get and watch off-line.

The crucial factor is how would you get those unique video clips from YouTube for posting to other sites? If perhaps you were carefully saving a back-up of each and every video data file that you have ever submitted to YouTube, please ignore studying this, more the two main official choices.

Read this article till the end learn how to save your YouTube videos to Google Drive

If you head over to the customized dash panel on the YouTube web page, you can obtain any of your web page with a simple just click (read how-to). The only disadvantage with the choice is that YouTube downsizes your HD movie clips to 480p.

There’s an alternative choice available inside Google Takeout that won't only allow you to obtain your YouTube video clips in their unique high-resolution but also helps you to save the information straight to your Google Drive. Therefore, you could start the download process and it is going to save all your information, big and small, to Google Drive in the background. Once the data are in Google drive, they will instantly synchronize to your pc that you can later publish to other video sites.

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To begin with, go to this customized link, simply select the Next button and select Add to Google Drive as the delivery method. That is it. All your YouTube video clips is going to be zipped and added to the Takeout directory in Google Drive in few hours. When the overall size of your video clips surpasses 2GB, it'll create several files of 2 GB each.

A moreover to original video clips, the zipped data files from take will also consist of the video clip explanations along with your entire playlists in JSON format.


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