How does skype work Amazing things about Skype – JSM

How does skype work Amazing things about Skype – JSM

Skype is one of the famous IM (Instant Messaging) you can say skype messenger, services found on the vastness of the internet skype provides texting messaging service, skype video call as well as skype video calling, which explains its name origin. "Skype" stands for "sky peer-to-peer" and was originally supposed to be "Skyper" but unfortunately, the "Skyper" domain name had already been taken by some early bird. So the man of the idea decided to drop the final "r" which left him with Skype, which was an available domain name then.

The world did not know anything about Skype until the Swedish Niklas Zennström came up with the idea in 2003. Skype later expanded to corporate with some Polish server to expand their service. But, in as much as it has thrived to be the businessman's idea of a good catch, there is always that one rich merchant who would come and take away the business for their own wise usage. This is how Microsoft Corporation acquired Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion, which Microsoft later used to phase out its original Windows Live Messenger in favour of the newly acquired software. Was Skype really worth that little?

The acquisition of Skype by Microsoft has led to the ability of people being able Sign into Skype using their Microsoft accounts, as well as the ability to merge the two accounts. Sounds great until you realize that you do not have a Microsoft account and your Skype profile will never be complete until you have a Microsoft account merged to your Skype.

Skype has its availability on almost every platform guaranteed. By platform, I mean common terms such as Windows, Linux, Mac (OS X), Android, Blackberry as well as the subsidiary devices under Windows and Mac. This has seen to the spread of the service across the whole world and people would sometimes party on Skype (lol, no one parties on Skype.) Of course a major portion of these devices comes with Skype pre-installed and those who do not know of Skype will curse for the removal of the crapware. However, the relevantly educated would thank and bless the manufacturer who thought of the idea — until the software alerts them that it has to be updated before it could be used.

Skype offers much of its service free except that a subscription or Skype credit is required to call a landline or a mobile phone number. This is what keeps all the 660 million worldwide registered users on and Skype and 330 million active as of the time Microsoft acquired it. In fact, there was a certain time 34 million users were all online concurrently! Sounds insane, right? Not really. Not in the 21st century.

So now that you know what this Skype thing is, what next?

How does skype work - Skype Installation

Installing Skype varies from platform to platform; however, the idea is the same across most platforms. Some of these will be highlighted herein.

you can also do multiple skype login from single system

Most (if not all) the platforms have some sort of an application store where developers add their apps for easy installation by their targeted audience. The major apps store for some of the platforms are:

  • Windows - Microsoft Store

  • Mac - App Store

  • Android - Playstore

  • Linux - Ubuntu Software Center

So if your platform happens to be listed above, then you're good to go. All the platform application stores have a search service that enables one to search for an application by name, then an "install" button would be somewhere to allow easy installation. Usually it takes some time, a few minutes in most cases to download and install on the system. Once the installation is complete, the system alert you the user that the installation process was complete successfully as computers do not always perform as expected and few provide reason – logical reason.

If in case you have hitches during installation, then notice that you could still use browser based Skype which has the same features as the Skype from the stores, but only that it might be slow due to the platform independence and may lack in some features. So after installation, you now need to create your account in order to use this amazing service. This process is usually referred to as Signing up.

How does skype work -  Skype Signing up

The process of signing up for Skype is simple one free skype. Once you open the Skype application, you will see a link for creating new account skype account once you create your skype account you can download the software from skype website you can also search on google skype download windows you can find the link of skype website and download skype from skype website and install skype in on your system. You need to click this unless you already have an account.

Once you click the link, you'd be provided with fields to enter your details such as an email address and a password. Once your account is created, you'd be automatically logged in.

How does skype work -  Skype login

How does skype work  Logging into Skype is even easier. Once you are in Skype, you would need to click a grey button on top right of the page labelled "Sign in." The position and colour of the button might vary from platform to platform and from different Skype versions. You'd be asked to provide your Skype username and password that you chose at Signing up. Once you enter these, click log in. If your details are correct, you'd be logged into your account and taken to your Skype dashboard. Easy as that.

How does skype work - Skype account

Your Skype account is your "part" of Skype that is allocated to you. With the Skype account, you will be able make calls, exchange electronic documents as well as conducting and participating in online conferences. You are the only one able to manage this account since you are the only one who has its credentials, so make sure these stay secret with you to keep other from taking over your account or impersonating you.

How does skype work -  Using Skype, skype video,skype call

How does skype work  Once logged in, you'll see a screen similar to the image on the left. Now in order to call a person, the person has to be online on Skype. Click the "Contacts" panel on the left. Now click the contact you would like to call or send files to. Once you click, you'd be taken to another screen displaying options such as video calls, voice calls and sending files. Click on the camcorder icon for video call or the phone icon for voice call. If the call goes through, you should be able to see whatever is in front of the other person's camera. As the call is on, you could also send text messages, pictures, files etc using the bottom panel. And of course there comes that time when the call must be ended.

To end the call, click the red button at the bottom, this will disconnect the call and take you back to the contact screen.


Every other feature of Skype could be accessed in a manner similar to the one above. Just as the the idea of fishing is using a bait and a hook, so is it with using Skype.

There are certain variations though. For example, calling a landline or a mobile phone that isn't on Skype. This is where Skype credit comes in. You need Skype credit to call a person outside Skype or on landline.

Questions in your mind about skype  ? If you have question in your mind How does skype work -

How does skype work -  Questions 1) Can i or How can I run multiple Skype accounts at the same time?

How does skype work -  Questions 2) How can I run multiple Skype accounts in one computer or pc

How does skype work -  Questions 3) Running two Skype sessions simultaneously

How does skype work - Questions 4) Can i use Multi Skype Launcher

How does skype work - Questions 5) How to Run Two Skype Accounts at the Same Time

How does skype work -  Questions 6) How to Sign Into Two or More Skype Accounts at Once

The answer is yes you can login more then one skype on same computer or pc

You can also login more then one skype account on same pc you need to do some setting in your system and login more then one skype

Skype credit and Skype rates

Skype credit is a sort of subscription that enables one to call non Skype phones, landlines as well as making international calls. The rate at which these credits get spent depends on the country of the called, the country of the caller, nature of the call as well as the season; and this is what is referred to as Skype rates.

Skype credit is the subscription users can buy from Skype in order to use such services that are not standard Skype services to normal users. Buying Skype credit involves use of real money in order to acquire them (no wonder Skype was so expensive to Microsoft to buy.) This is [maybe] the reason why Skype operates without adverts that most businesses use to fund themselves. Among the vastly minutes array of other services that do no post adverts include Wikipedia and Whatsapp.

But is that all about Skype?

How does skype work -  Skype beta

Available on, Skype beta is the web version of Skype that requires no installation. All you need to do is visit the website and sign in with your credentials, then you're ready to go. Most features the stand alone Skype that needs to be downloaded are available on Skype beta. However, notice that, currently, you can use Skype for Web instant messaging, voice and video calls either 1:1 or in a group - for free. You can have up to 300 people in an instant message chat, 25 people on a voice call or up to 10 people on a group video call, sending photos and multimedia, sharing contact details, but that's almost all it provides.

On the other hand, Skype beta does not support managing audio settings. This inability has been extended also to making of calls to mobile phones and landlines from Skype beta. The official Skype documentation asks users to be a little patient and wait a few months for these features to be availed. There's virtually nothing but just waiting that the normal guy can do. And you happen to be the "normal guy." Too bad.

How does skype work - Skype gratis

If you looked up the meaning of gratis in your reference material, you'd find it has a funny gibberish-like pronunciation and a funny not so straightforward meaning. If you were able to do this, then you should be able to guess what this Skype gratis thing is all about.

Basically, Skype gratis is the free version of Skype. Not that you can make free calls to landlines and mobile phones, no! It's that these features are missing completely in the gratis versions of Skype such as Skype beta. Actually, the Skype gratis features should be good enough for the standard user as you should be able to still use Skype for IM (instant messaging) services, video calls, voice calls among most other feature available on the standard Skype.

How does skype work -  The cons of Skype

  • Skype is not free; you need to pay for some of it's features and it requires the internet for it to work. This can prove to be very costly at times.
  • It might not have the best set of festures as it lacks call return, call blocking [this might have changed] and most important, 911 calling ability, with they  claim that Skype is not a replacement for standard calls and shouldn't be used for emergency calls.
  • It does not offer language translation. This can sometimes bar international relations... You know what I mean.
  • Skype is still lacking in business tools, although "lacking" is not the actual term. It has some business features such as conferences. But it might not be the best for anything else.
  • Skype can act as a server for other people's calls, passing their voice data through your computer en route to its destination. Some users have reported that their bandwidth and CPU usage has increased dramatically when running Skype (even when not making calls). This is the best technique that was introduced as to help you turn your computer into a microwave, and better still, a cooker.
  • Skype is a popular application and is sure to attract hackers' attention. I mean, wouldn't you want to take control of such a big thing? Or at least control some accounts?
  • The quality of sound with VoIP isn't as good as on a landline or mobile.
  • If you are using a webcam the sound quality deteriorates.
  • There is frequently background noise and the service can be subject to drop-outs.
  • It can affect real world interaction, but is this really something bad?

Skype screen share

You can also share your screen of your system with skype you can check here How to skype screen share works

To sum it up How does skype work -

Skype is a good service available all over the world for your free interaction with your loved ones (don't grow to hate them over time); and even the ability to connect you with business partners. It is a good tool for IM services as well as VoIP services.

You can also share your screen with the option Skype screenshare with someone

More features may be coming up on Skype, but more sophisticated softwares are also coming into the once Skype dominated world of IM and video calls world. However good these may look, old is gold and you need to keep your gold from burglars and hiding it underground until Christmas. In short, Skype is good for you at chosen times.


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