Amazing Top 15 Crazy Monkey Games You Must Play – jsm

Amazing Top 15 Crazy Monkey Games You Must Play – jsm

Top 15 crazy monkey games

Crazy monkey games are fun to play online The main character in this game is monkey and he is mad with definite foreigners, so he unambiguously display them who is in this neighborhood and have fun in the process. There are levels in this game and the time is limited. Crazy monkey games will bring his world back to balance method or the other. And in case you find this performance amusing you will definitely play again and again. Hence, we bring you top 15 crazy monkey games freely available for online play.

1. Monkey GO Happy Dragon

This is one of the best crazy monkey games every Monkey GO Happy encompasses seventh monkey for 2014! Comprehensive all 17 epochs. Find all 20 enigmas and beckon the Monster to mark the Ape GO HAPPY!

Pros: These Crazy monkey games charges seventeen stages probably just isn't going to take users long, towards the each an individual is actually short and smallish within just design, though scaled relatively in difficulty as you might progress.

Cons: you will be not found so many varieties and you won't ever terminate up trying what this particular game wants.

2. Monkey GO Happy Treasure

A big Monkey GO Happy Treasure is best Crazy monkey games for 2015! Complete all 15 challenging amounts and find the hold dear to make the Ape GO Happy.

Pros: Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles and more!

Cons: There is limited amount of things to click on in each stage means most of them will go by quickly.

3. Monkey GO Happy Elves

Find the magic elf in each stage in this crazy monkey games. With a little help from a sniffly simian, one can find each twee toymaker and make Monkey GO Happy! In each level, you've turned to solve a differing puzzle to figure on the net how to find the hidden elf.

Pros: Use your mouse to click on objects and moreover locations on the interface. Drag items to specific spots to solve puzzles and more!

Cons: Crazy monkey games are a small amount of more complicated and need some more thought or it may be fast reflexes.

4. Monkey GO Happy Survive

Go with one of the absolute best crazy monkey games, and therefore pick a hat and so then get ready to be able to prove your puzzle solving skills in this new item Monkey Go Joyous Survive game.

Pros: check your way through pretty much all levels to help half-naked redhead man to successfully stay still living. Needn't fail more than backyard garden a while or owners cannot make the goof go happy again! To a large extent fun!

Cons: There might be blank page issues and thus, but can be played when you know how addictive is crazy monkey games

5. Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt

These is all new from Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt 2 that is cute, fun, for Crazy monkey games lovers designed for players of any age or skill level to enjoy.

Pros: there's a whole lot of little ninjas that would like to be found in case if you want to be enough for your box-related curiosity!

Cons: Crazy monkey games are little unfortunate cultural insensitivity in the first stage

6. Monkey GO Happy North Pole

You know what they say about the Crazy monkey games it being delightful, right? Well, it may be snowing, for Monkey GO Happy North Pole. Santa's workshop is a shambles, in addition obviously you won't need Christmas without an unfamiliar person.

Pros: Head over to around to gather and employ items, and keep watch for clues!

Cons: Possibly sad large monkey, depending on which one you choose.

7. Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns

With a whopping Crazy monkey games the Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns beyond just the usual puzzles solved according to bringing people whatever they ask for Cute, short, and just puzzle-y enough to make it worth your while.

Pros: follow the usual formula of finding keys and X number of random item Y. These Crazy monkey games carries quite a large escape game, with many scenes and a lot of back-and-forth

Cons: sometimes weirded out by the boundless procession of random difficulties.  While the electro-rock feels like it's becoming more popular for an Enya melody that never quite happens.

8. Monkey GO Happy Halloween

These are perfect Crazy monkey games for mess out of dead apes would most likely wind up being too weird.  Monkey GO Happy Halloween, one particular monkeys decide the point that will cheer each of them up is to assist you to skill a revolting sarcasm of life.

Pros: Roughly click around to interact, and haul items against your account at the exact top on the window to use them, helping to keep your eyes peeled of puzzle clues hidden all over the scenery.

Cons: can be some issues with Flash's Bounty

9. Monkey GO Happy Easter

Ape GO Happy Easter, that chimps are looking towards celebrate the holiday with a few colored eggs. Just one. And up like one hundred. To obtain all of them, unquestionably need to check on these Crazy monkey games

Pros: you'll have to click around to explore more in Crazy monkey games in addition to the solve puzzles, gathering systems in your inventory near the top of the screen.

Cons: There are only a handful of current puzzles that strike normal Monkey GO Happy total amount between using items in the appropriate place

10. Monkey GO Happy - Xmas Time!

This Crazy monkey games wants you to go rockin around the all over the Monkey GO Happy Holiday Tree. But there's only 1 problem... the tree isn't lit! If you don't find a way to get that tree turned on.

Pros: Just click on objects and people to interact, and drag an items you want unit from your own inventory at the surface of the screen, to even you want to all of them.

Cons: very short, don't expect more as opposed a five or about ten minute diversion at most.

11. Monkey GO Happy Thanksgiving

With this Monkey GO Happy Thanksgiving, it end up being cold outside, but our individual simpering simians know the problem isn't Turkey Day Play this Crazy monkey games to search out the snowy town trying to find one.

Pros: As usual, keep the eye area peeled for puzzle indications hiding in the garden. 

Cons: you’re going to bother with the fancy formatting of this crazy monkey games

12. Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4

Crazy monkey games brings you just as whimsical and silly as ever. Principle formula is the same: pick your hero, select a hard hat (the more outlandish, the particular better) and embark in a bunch of crazy adventures.

Pros: The monkey will always start and also sad, and it's a new duty to brighten its own day by making funny things happen. Simple but effective puzzles and the wacky humor.

Cons: It’s as much fun as you can expect from a sulking monkey, there are three coins in each level, and get Crazy monkey games as you earn coins.

In Monkey GO Happy Tales 2 you'll be guiding one of our little Crazy monkey games figures through multiple development of strange places combined with creatures, trying to track the mini monkeys down.

Pros: Silly, colorful, short, and with a gentle contour in difficulty and sophistication to ensure that simultaneously stage is just a little more challenging than the others. It's the sort of thing one can get through crazy monkey games, though still enjoyable at any age, feels more geared towards children.

Cons: but only the point-and-click remains. Not too much of a challenge, no hard puzzles.

13. Monkey GO Happy Elevators

It’s another fine installment in the Crazy monkey games series, though it is extremely compact. It's not exactly what you'd call difficult either, since despite a nice amount of contextual puzzle clues.

Pros: the levels are typically so small and thin that clues are suitable obvious. Still, if could possibly be looking for a coffee-break Crazy monkey games leave you with time to spare. It is cute, simple, and clicky.

Cons: This is another fine Crazy monkey games in the point-and-click puzzle series, though it is extremely tiny. It's not exactly what you'd call harder either.

14. Monkey GO Happy Sci-Fi 2

This Crazy monkey games regarding Monkey GO Happy Sci-Fi 2, have minute as soon as again been monkey-napped basically from an evil galactic empire, because in science fiction, anybody of power located in the galaxy has time for be evil.

Pros: In between the classic have service Y on thingy Z, point-and-clicking and this laws cracking procedure on Crazy monkey games tutorials has always employed could be very well done here, utilizing a gentle difficulty slope which unfortunately ramps up the predicament from stage to idea.

Cons: You have to figure out and you have to click the buttons slowly or else it screws up the whole game.


Crazy monkey games appears to be designed to provide virtually any fun, friendly, and amusing internet site for everyone to satisfaction from and, as promised, almost all of the games will appeal to both young and older users. As a result, the site really is a Crazy monkey games destination for younger kids as well as for adults. Although some games generally perfectly fine for males of all ages, complete with dozens to choose from, the site won’t suck away significant amount of time.





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