How To Find Your Dream Job | The Perfect Job


Everyone wants to have a job they dream about the most. However, why is it sometimes difficult to complete? Why should a person stay at work they hate and can no longer stand? Is there a way out? Definitely, there is a way out. The only thing you need to do is to think a little bit about yourself.

         Often the answer to all our questions is inside of us. That means that we know all solutions to all the problems. We absorbed them with a milk of our mothers. It is something we know at the level of our genes. It is inherited from one generation to another. We have to dive into the waters of our unlimited personality and find all treasures, which are often at the bottom.
         So, what is a dream job? A dream job is a job where we can apply all our talents, enthusiasm, and effort. It is a job we would like to get up early and have a strong desire to go every day. We spend the vast majority of our daytime working, so why should we waste it on something worthless?
          Our life is not really long, generally speaking. We have only maximum 120 years to live on this planet. Therefore, we should not waste one more minute. Our time is the only thing, which can not be restored and returned back. Our time is priceless. We have to spend it with a maximum benefit. We have to be happy living on this planet, and it includes, also, being happy at your job.

Here are some tips to find the job of your dream as well as your calling presented:

1.    Trust yourself

Psychologists claim that we know who we are deep inside. It means that often we forget about who we really are being under influence of fear. Fear is the only thing which is our barrier to the job we dream about. Therefore, we have to remember what our dreams were when we were children. Frequently we know exactly in the role of whom we should be on this planet. Just remember what your dreams when you was younger were. It might be simple. Just write down your dream jobs starting from your childhood till now. It goes without saying that, at least, some picture will be drawn.

2. Ask your friends

Our surroundings often know more about us. Our friends might be more aware of what is our true calling is, than we do. It’s a paradox, however, it’s for sure. Ask your friends why they like to communicate with you. For example, they might answer you that they enjoy talking with you because you give good pieces of advice. Then working as a psychologist may be a dream job for you. Try to ask as many friends as you can in order to draw the whole picture.

3. Pass special tests

Thanks to modern technologies, there are a lot of specially made tests which will help you to figure out your inner likes or dislikes. Also, you will be able to get to know what motivates you most. Smart people invented those tests, so do not neglect their effect. Pass as many tests as you can. Only in such a way you will know all your preferences, which will be really helpful while looking for a job.

4. Write down the perfect contract for you

It may seem easy to be hired at the job of your dream even if you figured it out, however, it is not really like that. Sometimes the conditions of the job position are not suitable, and if you rush to be employed, later on you will be disappointed. Therefore, it is really important to know what you expect from your future employer. In such a way all the inconveniences and improper things will be avoided.

5. Think what you would like to give others

It is general knowledge that our world is built on barter conditions. Some people give, others receive. We are both: givers and receivers. Hence, we have to know what we can share with others and what are our fruits. We are unique in our kind and our fruits are, also, unique. Think of an experience you have that you can share with others. Consider, how you may positively influence this world.

6. Put big goals

Imagine yourself being an old person and dream what you have. Write down what things are around you, and note your mood and behavior. Think about further plans and put big goals. In such a way you will never be frustrated with a result. You may think about your family and friends that surround you. Try to be independent of current life conditions and think big. Allow yourself to dream and let your imagination play and build your path to success.

7. Do something

Last, but not least, you have to start to do something and release all that you came to. Be a doer more, not a dreamer. Even if you are a good philosopher, still you have to practice. Make mistakes, stand up, however, never give up. Your deeds are who you are, but not your thoughts. Do not be afraid to be wrong. Experience is valuable and precious anyway. Look into the future with a smile and moving hands up.

Finally, do not worry if you still have not found the job of your dream. Keep searching. Think out of the box. Remember, that we are all a part of the process of finding sense. Find a sense and meaning in everything you do. Reevaluate your life and experience. Sooner or later you will get to the right point and find the right path, if you keep looking for the way out.
                                           The answers have been already prepared for you. You only need to pick them up on your way. Additionally, you have to surround yourself with those who really love you and support. Avoid negative and toxic people. They will never give you the right answer if you ask because they do not know it for themselves. Consult more with people who have already achieved something in this life. Look for those friends who have found their dream jobs and are satisfied with their life. Probably, there will not be a lot of them on your way, however, if such people are found, their experience will be priceless for you.