How To Install Wamp – JSM


How to install Wamp: Set up all the system required to run a PHP + MySQL allowed web server on your windows PC. This is great for examining your websites and PHP programs on your local device before posting them to your web server. You can personally install every software independently or you can install a software known as Xampp (or another: "WAMP Server"), a simple to put in Apache submission containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. It is really quite simple to put in and to use - just download, extract and run. All software described in this article is free and available through the website detailed in the exterior hyperlinks area at the base of the web page. Also, because some of the information come in Zip format, you might need an unzipping software like WinZip or WinRAR.

Download the Apache HTTPD Web Server from the Apache website shown in the exterior hyperlinks. Make sure to download the newest constant Win32 Binary edition of Apache with the MSI Installation software. If that does not work, you can also see in the archives (also listed in the exterior links) for the newest version. To know which computer file that is, look for files prefixed with "httpd-", next to this should be the version of Apache HTTPD, and after the edition is the Operating System and the type of computer file (I.E.: ""). Here are some ways to install wamp.

Installation Guides

1. If you want to install wamp, download the newest constant PHP MS windows Binaries with installer.

2. Download the newest constant MS Windows (x86) version (way at the bottom of the page), that includes a MS windows Installation, of the MySQL Data source Server. This will help you to install wamp.

3. Download the phpMyAdmin Data source Manager Computer file (

4. Set up the Apache Web Server.

5. Set up the MySQL Data source Server.

6. Install the PHP Engine.

7. Set up phpMyAdmin.


Different Method

1. To install wamp, download the complete version of Xampp that contains everything. It also has a cpanel, to administration everything. This is quite little, therefore useful for placing on a thumbs generate or something to keep programs with you on the go. Ideal for creating at several devices and with an odd routine.

2. Evaluate WAMPs.

3. Also consider WITSuite Simple-Installer (WITSuite set up video:, in just a few clicks you will get Apache, MySQL, PHP set up and configured on your personal computer.